I was sad to realize this week that two email marketing services closed: Stamplia and SendAdvisor.

Since 2013, Stamplia has been offering a great free email builder as well as a template marketplace. Email templates built with Stamplia worked with major email providers and could be imported in one click.

Unfortunately, Stamplia was not able to get the volume needed to sustain its business model. Sad news…

Email providers that used to be supported by Stamplia.

Email providers that used to be supported by Stamplia.

Another service that has apparently closed (I emailed the founder but got no reply) is SendAdvisor (by Minematic). I was invited to beta test this visual segmentation tool that integrated seamlessly with MailChimp back in August.

The idea was simple: After choosing a list and a set of campaigns, SendAdvisor would look at all the links and display anchor words in a word cloud.

SendAdvisor: Word cloud

SendAdvisor: Word cloud

By clicking on the words that are relevant for one’s segmentation, SendAdvisor would automatically calculate the amount of list members that clicked. Multiple words could be selected. My experience with this model was that it could get noisy really fast. I saw a lot of MailChimp system tags (uniqid, goal, mc, etc.) and few significant or actionable words.

Once the tags were selected, it was really easy to name a static segment after them and push it to MailChimp.

A segment is ready to be created and pushed to MailChimp.

A segment is ready to be created and pushed to MailChimp.

Great idea, right? Ideally, I would have liked to see link classes (or ids) in the word cloud rather than words that were part of the hyperlink. In an eCommerce context, for instance, one would add a shoes class to all the shoe-related links and that would make it super easy to create an actionable segment.

Only good news below this heading.

Stamplia is closing, but the same team is about to launch a new service: Reelevant. I was also invited to an early peek in this live email intelligence technology and all I can say is that there are some interesting features… The service is scheduled to launch in November and I might be able to say more about it in a future post.

Have you seen anything great lately?

I’d love to hear about your discoveries, especially if they involve MailChimp. Drop me a comment below!

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