I was reading an article on a famous trill on the New Yorker today and as I saw an intercept at the bottom of my screen asking me if needed to stop reading:




Ooh. Great feature? The promise was to get a reminder if I entered my email address. I did and my reminder was scheduled to be sent—by default—to 2 hours. I could have also changed this time to: now, in 4 hours, tomorrow, or in 3 days.


Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.29.33 AM


After doing a little bit of research, it turns out that this service is called RemindToRead and it has a WordPress plugin. The man behind the service is Leonard (Lenny) Bogdonoff (@rememberlenny)—a software engineer at the New Yorker (close loop).

According to Bogdonoff [1], the idea behind RemindToRead is that “users who discover content when they have time to engage, will be much more inclined to finish what they start.”

RemindToRead offers a free plan that should cover the basic needs of an indie publisher, although the $59/month plan will allow for customized—and supposedly non-RemindToRead branded—email templates, unlimited sites/pages, and online chat support [2].

This is what the email I received looked like (weird quotes courtesy of Outlook for Mac and Litmus Scope):




The ability to send customized email reminders only is worth $59 a month. This is a very powerful way to suggest related content and to potentially grow one’s email list (even though emails are one-off, one could still include a link to subscribe to a newsletter). Bogdonoff confirmed that publishers will be able to provide their own recommendations.

Visit RemindTo.app

[1] Note that Bogdonoff’s comments refer to RemindToRead and not the New Yorker’s implementation.

[2] Pricing might change once RemindToRead officially launches.

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