Niall Connolly is an Irish-born, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter. Last week, we launched the website I redesigned for him over the past couple of months.

Niall had been using his tumblr as his main site for years and had done some nice customization work (custom domain, menu link map, etc.). Still, some things were missing and he needed a place where people could:

  • learn about Niall and his music,
  • quickly access (listen and buy) all of his 9 albums,
  • see if Niall is playing near them,
  • watch videos.

The website also had to feature some “pro” links including a complete press page and a booking page.

Niall's new concert calendar automatically pulls Facebook. They are here displayed in an interactive map view.

Niall’s new concert calendar automatically pulls Facebook events. They are here displayed in an interactive map view.

I won’t bore you with the whole process but steps we covered included:

  • goals, needs, and KPIs
  • personas and tasks
  • current vs. future content
  • information architecture
  • brand and identity
  • and much more!

Here are some of the documents I’ve shared and discussed with Niall along the way:


Some of the wireframes I created for Niall


Some color palettes


And some color/typeface variations of the design comp.

I’m satisfied with the final product and the launch went well. Event tracking is set in Google Analytics and is tied to Niall’s goals. I am currently building a custom dashboard in Google Analytics for Niall to keep track of progress on KPIS.

What Niall had to say

Niall Connolly - Photo credit: Art Heffron

Niall Connolly – Photo credit: Art Heffron

My new website is better than I could have imagined. Thomas had the vision, patience, people skills, and skills to make it accurately reflect me and my music. Not only could I not have asked for more, I wouldn’t even have known how to ask for so much. I can be something of a technophobe, but working with Thomas made me realize that this was more than a necessity, that it could also be a fun and creative process. Moments after we launched I had a booking enquiry from 4,000 miles away.

Niall flew for Paris on Friday to start a European tour. I know that the site will be a great place for fans and curious listeners to learn more about him and his music. Traffic is already proving some of the persona assumptions we made and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

About Thomas Deneuville

Thomas lives in Freeville, NY with his wife and two sons, where he reads, codes, and plays the bagpipe.