B-side (the other stuff)

A place for all of my marketing content, separate from my main site: WordPress, email marketing, and more.

Schedule your Twitter threads for free with this Python script

Twitter threads are a powerful way to inject storytelling into your feed. I describe how to use a free Python script to schedule them.

Telling the story through headlines

More and more, the ability to write good headlines seem to be required. But why is that? And what does that mean?

Delete MailChimp contacts and save money on your plan

MailChimp makes it hard to delete an unsubscribed contact. I’m sharing two ways to remove them from your audience, and save $ on your plan.

Paper by Dropbox

On Saturday, I went down a productivity app rabbit hole while my son was taking a nap. Every so often, I reassess the tools that I use and decide if I should try others or stick with the same ones. The tool that bugs me at the moment is Evernote. I’ve tried it many times and,…

Web, Email, Social Media and French Accent

This Spring took me by surprise. I had a couple of big projects at Cornell (our second Giving Day was one of them—I’ll write about it at some point) and I spent the whole month of May in France, on parental leave. I didn’t have much time to plan my posts, let alone to write…

9 Things to Check Before Hitting Send

You have some exciting news to share with your subscribers and you can’t wait to hit the send button. Wait! Take a minute to go through this (technical) checklist. You might have missed something… Check your spelling (and Grammar) With every browser now offering spellchecking, it feels impossible to miss a typo. Well, it still happens and…

My favorite free UX design tools

Proto.io is a UX platform that helps designers “create beautiful fully interactive, animated prototypes that tell the full story.” I was honored to be featured on their blog in today’s post about Top 13 Free UX Design Tools to Add to Your Arsenal. My top three, out of these thirteen, are: Optimal Workshop Hotjar Peek by UserTesting…

Real-Time Crowdfunding: NX Creative Lab in London

I recently discovered a London-based collective that is doing something fresh in the field of crowdfunding, and that could successfully be applied to music. NX Creative Lab organizes events where attendees vote on projects and the winners leave with cash. I loved the idea and talked to Alexandra Střelcová, one of the founders of NX Creative Lab. What…

How to Build Your Email List at Concerts

Have you visited a Barnes and Noble recently? Or a Container Store? Then you must have been asked during check out: “Can I have your email address?” Do you know why they ask? They ask because: you’re here it can make sense in the context of a purchase, when loyalty is rewarded (“Do you have a…